Our Location: Salon Suites in East Mesa near Superstition Springs Mall

What will it mean to make Kiowa Village Salon Suites the home of your new Salon/Beauty/Health Business? Your business will be nessled in the center of a popular strip center off of Power Rd., close to major freeways I-60 and 202 East Loop, and large communities centers with thousands of potential customers.

Your private Salon Suite will be your little piece of Beauty Heaven. You get a key, set your own hours, book/meet/greet/service your own client, keep your own records, and get to enjoy free wifi, free laundry, free parking and utilties included with your Suite. Decorate (or don't decorate) with freedom, and be part of the Salon Suite Community at your own preference.

"Once You become Fearless, Life becomes Limitless." -Unknown

What you think? Let's do this!

Create Your Salon Suite.

You know you dream of more but how do you start? Get a Tour! All new beginnings start by a small, but bold (and maybe a little scary) step foward. Start by booking your no obligation tour, walk the space and let's see if a spark of inspiration lights a fire as you invision a Salon Space of your very own. 

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Market Your Brand.

What's next? Tell the world about your Brand! You have the skills, talent, education, and passion -- but it's now your duty to let people know what services you can offer them. We have resources to inspire you or guide you, but there is value in what you do! Scream it, stream it, post it, mail it, nail it. You got this!

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Line Your Own Pockets!

Your rent includes all the extras like Wifi, electricity, water, parking, and on-site laundry units. That means you keep the $$$$ you earn without a Salon Owner taking their cut. You can Pick Your Own Service Rates, Sell Your Own Product and Lace Your Own Pockets.

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Next Step.....

Set up your tour today! Tours are no obligation and you will get a feel of the Suites, meet some others in our beauty community, and see first hand what the location can provide. We promise to answer all your questions, happily lend some business advice if you need it, and the ultimate decision will still be up to you. So why not? 

Luxury Salon Suites for Hair, Nails, Skin, Etc. - Mesa Arizona
Luxury Salon Suites for Hair, Nails, Skin, Etc. - Mesa Arizona
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